How to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App

How to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App

Top 10 Snapchat Hacker App for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Snapchat Hacker App for Android and iPhone
Top 10 Snapchat Hacker App for Android and iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media these days among teenagers. Millions of people daily post new snaps on their Snapchat. It can be fun to share your stories and snaps with your friends, if misused, can also do much harm. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your kids don’t do anything inappropriate on Snapchat which they will have to regret later in life. Parents can try the Snapchat hacker app to spy on their kid’s activities on Snapchat and ensure that their kids remain on their best behavior on this Social media network.

– Part 1. The 5 Indicators to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App
– Part 2. Comparison for the Top 10 Snapchat Hacker App
– Part 3. What to Do If “My Snapchat Account is Hacked”

Part 1. The 5 Indicators to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App

Part 1. The 5 Indicators to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App
Part 1. The 5 Indicators to Choose the Best Snapchat Hacker App

1. OS Compatibility

Snapchat spy apps come with a variety of Android and iOS devices. But it isn’t easy to always keep the software updated with every latest version of Android or iOS version. It takes times to update the software to work on latest devices. So, you should choose a Snapchat hacker app that is compatible with the devices you want to hack. Moreover, you should also which whether they are compatible with only Android or iOS or both as it can determine your choice when you want to spy both.

2. Price

Price is obviously the most detrimental factor that dictates the choice of the best Snapchat hacker app. When it comes to ensuring the safety of their kids, parents won’t bat an eye on spending a huge sum of money. But if the monthly payments are less, then it would strain their budget less. Moreover, some Snapchat spy apps provide various features in fewer prices than others. (Check detailed NetSpy price plan >>)

3. Features You Want

Before buying a mobile spying app, you need to know what features you want. There are some apps on the market that take additional fees if you want to spy Snapchat or other social media while others integrate them into the package. If you just want to spy on Snapchat alone, then it is better to always opt for the former one as it will cost less, otherwise choosing the latter one is always better, or you can also find some ways to hack Snapchat without survey and without downloading.

4. After Sales Customer Support

Customer support will help you solve any queries if you ever encounter any difficulty in using the Snapchat hacker app. There are plenty of apps out there that don’t offer live customer support to their clients. Though they may be cheaper as compared to others that offer good customer support, if you encounter any trouble, you will have to sort it out yourself.

5. Legitimate Source

Before committing your money on any Snapchat hacker app, it is always better to first investigate it through online forums or review sites to ensure that it comes from a legitimate source. You can find may fraudulent apps on the internet that will take your money and you won’t get anything in return. If you don’t want to let your money go to waste, it is better that you ensure the app that you buy comes from legitimate developers and company.

Part 2. Comparison for the Top 10 Snapchat Hacker App

1. NetSpy

If you really want to spy on the Snapchat of someone, then NetSpy is the best Snapchat hacker app for your need. This Snapchat hacker app makes it really easy to spy Snapchat activity of your kids, and you won’t even need any technical skills to do that. With NetSpy, you will get to read the messages and posts of your kids on Snapchat, as well as also track their real-time location.

Why Recommend This Snapchat Hacker App:

– It can track real-time location.
– NetSpy is a remote spy i.e. you can spy on the target from anywhere as long as both of you have a working internet connection.
– Read Snapchat messages as well as SMS and other social media of the target.
– You can monitor call logs of the target.
– View the photos and videos shared on social media.

Compatible OS:

– Fully compatible with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo and iOS 11 version now.

2. PhoneSpying

When it comes to spying on Snapchat of someone, then PhoneSpying is among the most reliable Snapchat hacker. This Snapchat hacker app not only allows you to hack into Snapchat accounts, but you can also monitor other social media accounts like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc..


– It can work remotely.
– You don’t need to install any spying app on the target device to spy on their Snapchat.
– It is possible to view the messaging history as well as media files sent/received over social media.
– Incoming and outgoing call history can also be viewed.
– Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


– You need to buy individual packs to spy on other messengers along with Snapchat.
– Buying individual services are expensive.

Compatible OS:

– All Android and iOS device which supports Snapchat.

3. GuestSpy

There are lots of Snapchat hacking tools on the market. But no one can match the GuestSpy when it comes to spying features available at such great prices. GuestSpy is a Snapchat hacker app that is very affordable and compatible with almost every smartphone available on the market whether iOS or Android. It can even monitor iPad.


– It can monitor phone call as well as messages.
– You can view the media files stored on the device.
– Wipe device, take a screenshot, lock device remotely.
– Record call as well as surroundings.


– Premium version with more features is very expensive.

Compatible OS:

– Android 2.3 – 7.0, iOS 6.0 – 9.0.2 in Jailbreak version and up to 11.3 in non-jailbreak version.

4. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is another Snapchat hacker app that you can use to spy on Android and iOS devices. It has an abundance of features that you can use to spy on the Snapchat messages of someone, without alerting them. The Keylogger features can also help you retrieve their password if you want to hack their account permanently.


– Spy on phone calls, text messages, browser history and files on the target device.
– Set keywords alert on incoming and outgoing messages.
– Take screenshots of the target device screen.
– Extreme version allows recording live calls.


– The basic package is expensive compared to other apps.
– Doesn’t allow remote wipeout of data.

Compatible OS:

– Android devices from 4.0.3 to 7.1.1 and iOS up to 10.2.

5. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker is another app for parents to spy on their kid’s Snapchat activities without installing any software on the target device. This Snapchat hacker app tells you all the information about the people that your child contacts on the Snapchat and also see what photos and videos they share with each other.


– Mobile Tracker works remotely.
– You don’t need to root your devices.
– Real-time tracking of the target.
– Track other social networks and IM.


– Only available for Android.

Compatible OS:

– Android 4.0 – 7.0 only.

6. mSpy

The mSpy is a mobile monitoring solution that you can use to spy on the Snapchat activities of your children or other people. Aside from being a Snapchat hacker app, mSpy is a way for parents to keep track of the phone call, messages, as well as other activities on their devices.


– You can track real-time location.
– Works well with both Android and iOS devices.
– Track history browsing, phone records, messages etc..
– Geofencing, remote device wipeout is also possible.


– iPhone requires jailbreaking to access full features.
– Doesn’t support Nokia and Symbian devices.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 7 — 8.4; 9.0-9.1 and Android 4.0 and above.

7. Spy Phone App

If you want to test the Snapchat spying app, then you could try the Spy Phone App, before buying it. This Snapchat hacker app can be used to hack Snapchat as well as other social media and IM apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line and much more.


– Track real-time location as well as location history.
– You will be able to read Snapchat messages sent/received.
– View the photos and videos shared on various platforms.
– Remote wipeout and control using SMS commands.


– Poor customer support.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 6.0 – 9.0.2 and Android 2.3 up to the latest 8.0.

8. PhoneSheriff

It is a new generation parental control and mobile monitoring app that you can use to keep an eye on the Snapchat of your kids. It is among the best Snapchat hacker app that you can find on the internet today.


– Great customer support.
– Helps remote tracking of the target.
– You can block several websites and apps.
– Lock the device and block certain phone numbers.


– iOS devices require jailbreaking.
– It is visible to the target.

Compatible OS:

– Android devices from 2.2 up to 6.0 and iOS devices up to 9.0.2 are supported.

9. OwnSpy

OwnSpy is a cell phone monitoring solution that you can use to spy on Snapchat activities on your kid’s devices. You can use the OwnSpy Snapchat hacker app to see what your kids are sharing on Snapchat and what type of people they are interacting with.


– Monitor the sent and received text messages.
– Track call history and view contacts.
– Uninstall apps remotely.
– Spy on other social media like WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ messenger, etc..


– Advanced features require rooting and jailbreaking the target device.

Compatible OS:

– Android 4.0 – 7.1 and iOS devices with iOS 6.0 up to 11.0.

10. iKeyMonitor

The iKeyMonitor is another spying application that you can find on the list of the top Snapchat hacker app. Here, you get many features to make child monitoring and parental control easier than lots of another free app can’t deliver.


– It supports monitoring lots of Social media and IM apps besides Snapchat like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Skype etc..
– Block apps and limit screen time for the target device.
– You can also track calendars, notes as well as Memos.
– View photos and videos present on the device.


– It is pricey as compared to other Snapchat hacker app.

Compatible OS:

– Android 2.3 + and iOS 9.0 and above.

Part 3. What to Do If “My Snapchat Account is Hacked”

Hacking Snapchat of your children is important to keep them in good moral behavior, but what if your own Snapchat gets hacked? The first thing that comes to the mind is”What to do now and how to recover it?” You can find the answer to those questions below.

– Set a new password

If you think that your Snapchat got hacked, but you can still access your account, the first thing you should do is to change your account password. If the hacker was someone who just wanted to have some fun with your account and didn’t block your access, changing the password should prevent something like this from happening again. It is always recommended to not use your name, DOB, phone number or name of a family member as passwords as they can easily guess if the hacker is someone you know.

– Use the Recovery Option

If you can’t access your account with your password anymore, then you can use the”Forgot your password” to recover your account. This will work if the hacker hasn’t changed the recovery email and phone number that you had set for your account.

– Contact the Snapchat Help Desk

If you can’t recover your account from the above-mentioned methods, the last option is to contact the Snapchat help desk from the Help page. You will be required to fill in some details and if entered correctly, you will be able to recover your account.


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