3 Ways to Spy on Text Messages without Installing Software

Whenever we see someone chatting on their phone, we become naturally curious as to who they are chatting with. Unfortunately, you cannot check someone’s chat without arising suspicions.

Many kids nowadays use text messages to talk with their friends so that their parents cannot hear their conversation. You can easily spy on social media chats and other messages as there are many online methods to do it.

Unfortunately, there are very few methods to spy on messages. You can only send and receive messages from your phone. You cannot do it from any other device. It makes the task of spying very complicated.

During the early 2000s, parents and all the people used methods like snooping in the phone to read text messages. However, those ways don’t work anymore.

There are only a few options available. Out of all the methods, the most effective one is the spy app. These spying applications are for smartphones. Like any other app, you can download it on the phone and try to breach it.

It is one of the most effective ways because it uses stealth programming. It is completely undetectable. So your chances of getting discovered are quite slim.

Spy on Text Messages
Spy on Text Messages

Three Ways to Spy on Text Messages

There are multiple ways to spy on text messages. However, almost every method is online. These methods need installation to work. If you are spying on an iPhone, you can quit the installation.

There is an alternate way in which you simply have to use iCloud credentials to spy. But when it comes to android phones, unfortunately, there is no such way. Installation is mandatory.

But it is a onetime thing. Once you are done with it, there is no need for installation. You can spy anytime. Out of all the ways of spying, here are the best three ways.

Free Phone Spy

Free Phone Spy
Free Phone Spy

Free Phone Spy (https://freephonespy.com/free-sms-tracker/) is the number one spy app in the market. It is very simple and easy to use. Because of this reason, many parents trust this app. It is a spying application. Many people use this app to spy on text messages.

If you want to spy on iPhone and Android phone’s text messages, this app is an ideal choice. It is compatible with both devices. It functions on stealth programming. This means when you use this app for spying, nobody will get any indication.

To use Free Phone Spy, you need to follow the installation process. If your kids operate an android phone, you have to download this app on their phone. If they operate the iPhone, and you know their iCloud credentials, you can directly spy on them.

Along with these basic steps, you need to create a spying account. Whenever you want to spy, you can log in and check the messages. There is a separate “Text Message Spy” feature. You have to use it to check the messages.




Like Free Phone Spy, AppSpy (https://appspyfree.com/text-message-spy/) is a well-known spy app. Thousands of people use this app to spy on text messages and other things from a phone. If you want to keep your spying escapades a secret, this app is best for you.

The thing about this app is that it is very safe and stealthy. It takes up only a little space on the phone, which makes it very feasible. You can download it on the phone in mere seconds.

To spy on text messages, you have to follow the same steps as Xnspy. After that, you can just log in and enjoy reading all the messages from the phone.



GuestSpy (https://guestspy.com/text-message-spy/) is a very popular spy app for both android and iPhone spying. You can use it without any restrictions. Along with all the spy features, it also supports text message spy.

If you want to spy on someone’s phone messages, use this app. It is easy to use, stealthy and affordable. You will get three days of free trial with this app.

If you want to spy only on text messages, you can specifically select the Text Message Spy option when you log in. It will give you direct access to all the text messages on the phone.


These are the three best ways to spy on text messages. All these methods involve using a spy app.

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